Computers2Know talking about Pixelated Projects

Every Sunday I listen to Computers2Know – a perfect geeky relaxing show for a Sunday – and occasionally I call in. This week turned in to a general catch up and big discussions about Pixelated Projects. Something tells me a few of them were surprised concerning the new charity…

Success Freaks #154 – Transitions – Pixelated Projects

Success Freaks is hosted by my good friends Mordant & McFall – yes Charlie-Boy of Dirty Boxers fame has a proper show! We conducted the interview on Google Hangouts – and there is a weird echo on the recording from using it. Honestly, it was my first time using Google Hangouts in a production, so […]

Quick update about lack of shows this week

Hello to the Family of Dirty Boxers [including those dirty lurkers], Just thought it was only fair to explain why the airwaves have gone dead, as it’s going on longer than first hoped. Basically on Sunday night my main desktop computer [known as the Tank] decided to crash during a Skype chat. Thinking nothing much […]