New Years’ Eve 2014 #NSFW

A gathering of random footage from the end of 2013. Including Erskib (Bitter backwards), the fight of copyright and content ID (with Scarlet Saint) and a story about Clocks. Plus much embarrassing snogging and bad dancing. #NSFW

Meeting Greg Davies

Greg Davies Live at Cambridge Corn Exchange

Went out and about to Cambridge Corn Exchange to see Greg Davies: The Back of my Mum’s Head tour. Awesome evening out with Dominic, Mel & Sputnik Ant. However, I cannot decide which is more awesome – the fact that we met Greg after the show, or the fact we had booked the tickets SO […]

Quick update about lack of shows this week

Hello to the Family of Dirty Boxers [including those dirty lurkers], Just thought it was only fair to explain why the airwaves have gone dead, as it’s going on longer than first hoped. Basically on Sunday night my main desktop computer [known as the Tank] decided to crash during a Skype chat. Thinking nothing much […]


A new day, a new start

Last night I slept like a bloody baby! It has been the first time for a very long time that I have been able to switch off, forget about the world and all it’s nagging, horrid issues, and just sleep. It was bloody amazing. Now I am not just writing that to make you jealous […]

Back to work I go…

After visiting my lovely doctors on the 10th January, we decided that this would be the year of me slowly going back to work. To be honest I was rather anxious about it, and this didn’t change much as time went on. It took almost a week for me to drive in to work [Saturday […]

Why can’t I do “it” for myself?

So, I’ve been sitting here drinking myself silly, thinking about the sorts of things that one only thinks about when one is alone, and I came to a conclusion – I cannot do it for myself. Thankfully I am not talking about masturbation [however one only knows I am running out of techniques] but instead […]