Chinwag with @RynotheBearded on his #Unformatted show

I had the great pleasure of sitting down and having a chitchat with Ryno the Bearded on his #Unformatted show. Last Saturday I got to sit and talk with an old friend Leigh Brown of Dirty Boxers fame. We talked about great pranks to pull on your friends and his new project Pixelated Projects  I am […]

Success Freaks #154 – Transitions – Pixelated Projects

Success Freaks is hosted by my good friends Mordant & McFall – yes Charlie-Boy of Dirty Boxers fame has a proper show! We conducted the interview on Google Hangouts – and there is a weird echo on the recording from using it. Honestly, it was my first time using Google Hangouts in a production, so […]

Mosaic Grid 8-bit look

Create this 8-bit look using the mosaic filter and the grid filter in after effects. This tutorial is short so you should be getting your 8-bit on in no time.

Animated Map Fold – After Effects

Summit 38 – Animated Map Fold Today we’ll be jumping into some very polished looking motion graphic animation. Once again, we’ll use the Illustrator to After Effects workflow to incorporate motion into our designs. This Summit places emphasis on 3D lights and Shadows, 3D layers and organizing your layers to be children and parents. Had […]

Forgotten Audio Formats: DCC & Elcaset

An affectionate look at two failed, but entertaining cassette formats. Information on the other items featured in this video HERE: techmoan.com Over the last year or so I’ve been assembling an esoteric HiFi system featuring a mix of both old and new components. The equipment I’ve bought has little to do with convenience, value for money […]