Computers2Know talking about Pixelated Projects

Every Sunday I listen to Computers2Know – a perfect geeky relaxing show for a Sunday – and occasionally I call in. This week turned in to a general catch up and big discussions about Pixelated Projects. Something tells me a few of them were surprised concerning the new charity…


Chinwag with @RynotheBearded on his #Unformatted show

I had the great pleasure of sitting down and having a chitchat with Ryno the Bearded on his #Unformatted show. Last Saturday I got to sit and talk with an old friend Leigh Brown of Dirty Boxers fame. We talked about great pranks to pull on your friends and his new project Pixelated Projects  I am […]

Success Freaks #154 – Transitions – Pixelated Projects

Success Freaks is hosted by my good friends Mordant & McFall – yes Charlie-Boy of Dirty Boxers fame has a proper show! We conducted the interview on Google Hangouts – and there is a weird echo on the recording from using it. Honestly, it was my first time using Google Hangouts in a production, so […]