Mosaic Grid 8-bit look

Create this 8-bit look using the mosaic filter and the grid filter in after effects. This tutorial is short so you should be getting your 8-bit on in no time.

Animated Map Fold – After Effects

Summit 38 – Animated Map Fold Today we’ll be jumping into some very polished looking motion graphic animation. Once again, we’ll use the Illustrator to After Effects workflow to incorporate motion into our designs. This Summit places emphasis on 3D lights and Shadows, 3D layers and organizing your layers to be children and parents. Had […]

Wish I could do what @AdamTheWoo does…

For quite sometime now I have been following the Adam the Woo – and have been amazed by his awesome sense of adventure. I think it is harking back to the lack of fulfillment I have with “modern life”. I suppose we all have that nagging feeling, but Adam did something about it! This is […]