Forgotten Audio Formats: DCC & Elcaset

An affectionate look at two failed, but entertaining cassette formats. Information on the other items featured in this video HERE: Over the last year or so I’ve been assembling an esoteric HiFi system featuring a mix of both old and new components. The equipment I’ve bought has little to do with convenience, value for money […]

Pixar Animation explains how they use OpenSubdiv Project

OpenSubdiv is a set of open source libraries that implement high-performance subdivision surface (subdiv) evaluation on massively parallel CPU and GPU architectures. The code embodies decades of research and experience by Pixar. Bill Polson, Dirk Van Gelder, Manuel Kraemer, Takahito Tejima, David G. Yu and Dale Ruffolo, from Pixar Animation Studios’ GPU team, as they […]

Wish I could do what @AdamTheWoo does…

For quite sometime now I have been following the Adam the Woo – and have been amazed by his awesome sense of adventure. I think it is harking back to the lack of fulfillment I have with “modern life”. I suppose we all have that nagging feeling, but Adam did something about it! This is […]

Look Up by Gary Turk

“This media we call social is anything but, when we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut”… This is one of the most vital messages that everyone needs to hear. Look Up is a spoken word for the “online” generation. Written, performed and directed by Gary Turk, it is an extremely important life […]


Into the Wild – A Surprisingly Great Movie

On Saturday, while slightly hung over, Arry Ant and I were in search for a lazy movie to sober up to on Netflix. After many, many, MANY pages of options and suggestions later – we came across a film we both had never heard of before “Into the Wild” starring Emile Hirsch. Intrigued by the synopses, […]

Ultimate Treehouses

For the longest time I have wanted to live in a way that is something different from the norm. Maybe it’s because of my scouting upbringing – but having a closer relationship with my surroundings is key for me. A place to call my own that has a different, much closer connection to the land […]