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For as long as I can remember, I have always had a difficult time trying to keep a tab on the interesting things I have found on the interwebs. Perhaps it was a good video for a project I’d like to do, or some cool article that I’d like to read at another time. Either way, I’d bookmark it or “like it” or Tweet it or something else you’re supposed to do on the internet, and yet somehow I’d loose that valuable piece of information when it came to need it.

This blog is nothing special. It is a digital scrapbook of ideas and concepts that I’ve found around the webs that inspire me. If it inspires you – GREAT! If it doesn’t, then oh well, maybe next time?

From time to time I might use this blog as a ranting platform – to vent about something that has grind my gears. Sometimes I will use it to start discussions about subjects I haven’t thought of before. Other times I might just post a stupid video from my personal YouTube account. However, what is almost guaranteed – there will be at least one spelling mistake per post as my dyslexia kicks in. Think of it as the unofficial game of “Where’s Wally?” / “Where’s Waldo?” for this site. Please feel free to post in the comments for that blog post which words are wrong. The first person to do so won’t get any prize, but can be the King or Queen of that blog post for being stupidly fast and anal 😛

All the content and views on Leigh.DirtyBoxers.net are totally my own, and may not reflect the official views of Dirty Boxers Show, Digital Rhapsody, Pixelated Projects, The Scout Association or any other project I’m currently working with.

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