Android Home Automation Demo

Interesting ideas about how to enable home automation to a house. Don’t particularly like having to “say” commands constantly, but interesting concept. Unsure whether I’d really would like “OK Google” to have that much interaction with my house – plus I would always be concerned about the amount of information that is being collected by Google from such a project.

Android is a very powerful platform and the possibilities are endless. Here is a short demo of my home automation using voice control and NFC to take control of my house. Inspired by Doug’s video on YouTube, make sure to watch his Voice Controlled Home Automation with Tasker video:

Android Home Automation – Vera Lite – Z Wave | Part 1:
Android Home Automation – Micasaverde – Voice Control | Part 2:

Huge Thanks to:
Doug Gregory from DroidKC ( – The place to buy all of your home automation products. Also, Micasaverde –

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