Success Freaks #154 – Transitions – Pixelated Projects

Success Freaks is hosted by my good friends Mordant & McFall – yes Charlie-Boy of Dirty Boxers fame has a proper show! We conducted the interview on Google Hangouts – and there is a weird echo on the recording from using it. Honestly, it was my first time using Google Hangouts in a production, so it’s probably my fault some how!

Video starts with a F-Bomb randomly, but shows the raw recording of everything – it is safe for work after first 15 secs. Or if you fancy just listening to the finished audio recording – go to the Success Freaks site!

Do you have a great idea, but don’t know how it implement getting it “out there”?  Still using the I Don’t Have Enough (money/time/training) excuse?  Well, it’s about time you put on your Big Kid Pants and did something about that.  You can, you know?  Yes, Y-O-U You!

The UK’s own Leigh Brown of Dirty Boxers fame joins  to cover the How’s, Wherefore’s, and most importantly the Why’s of continuing education.  Whether it’s tech-based for your newest creative idea or for your own personal edification, ever-educating yourself is the best way to grow forward, adapting to all life is gleefully throwing at you.  Join in for a frank discussion including Leigh’s personal struggle with depression and what it took to turn his life around, headed in its current direction of helping others find their way.

Pixelated Projects is a non-profit organization that is transforming learning for all – breaking down the barriers to gain access to knowledge.


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