#AmazonCart – Shop within Twitter?!

Amazon and Twitter have teamed up by introducing #AmazonCart, SUPPOSEDLY an exciting new way to add Amazon products to your Cart, without leaving Twitter. Simply find a tweet containing an Amazon product link, reply with #AmazonCart, and check out when you are ready, as the product has been quickly and easily saved in your Cart.

So not only does this mean that if / when I tweet out about an item on Twitter, if someone follows me who wants it, I’ll then get spammed with a crap ton of unwanted hashtags. So what is the benefit? Well, if I am a product distributer or manufacturer this will make life SO much easier. But what about someone like the Dirty Boxers Family? It is no secret that a good portion of our income is from affiliate purchasing from Amazon. Would WE be able to tweet out saucy products and STILL include our affiliate links? This is currently very vague.

Either way, I don’t like it. Perhaps Amazon has finally jumped the shark?

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