Quick update about lack of shows this week

Hello to the Family of Dirty Boxers [including those dirty lurkers],

Just thought it was only fair to explain why the airwaves have gone dead, as it’s going on longer than first hoped.

Basically on Sunday night my main desktop computer [known as the Tank] decided to crash during a Skype chat. Thinking nothing much of it, and as I was working on the laptop in the studio as well at the time [yes, sometimes I can multitask… Just not that often], I finished of my conversation on the laptop and went to bed – thinking that nothing was out of the ordinary.

On Monday morning, tried to boot the Tank to get ready for the show, and the system kept having issues / crashing / saying I had a virus. After some Googling, found out what the issue was [it turned out to be a virus] and started to ‘fix’ the situation. But I failed. The system was saying I was infected with the “Worm 32 Blaster” virus – which was a lie. The Tank is currently [while writing this] is infected with Privacy Protection, a rogue antivirus program which allegedly generates false malware warnings saying that your computer is infected with a variety of viruses and spyware. What is MORE scary is that it de-activated / deleted my AVG Antivirus in the process.

After many attempts of trying to remove the virus, the Tank stopped loading Windows, and is now a glorified paper-weight. What was the foolish thing, and which I do regret it now, is that the Tank IS the only truly stable machine in the Attic Studio, and so all passwords to access the ‘behind-the-scenes’ for All Digital Radio and NAGradio are stored on it. So with under an hour to go before the beginning of my show, and no way to access systems to arrange a replay of my show to give me time to fix the situation, I went on-air Monday with a greatly under-powered studio, with ¼ of the normal setup working… The resulting show on Monday was painful – but we managed to JUST about get through it… And then the laptop crashed before I could save.

So basically, I’ve arranged for Dominic [who kindly lends me the Tank for the show] to come around Thursday to help sort things out, and at the moment we are HOPING to be back on-air for the Friday show… But at the moment, that is wishful thinking. We truly will not know the extent of the damage / situation until he comes around on Thursday night.

I am truly sorry for all this madness. At the moment I am EXTREMELY frustrated with the situation. Not only have we missed the amazing hours we spend together, which I really look forward to, but what is also miffing me off is that I had arranged to pre-record several Christmas / New Year shows with some wicked guests this week – which have obviously been cancelled… With no clue if we will be able to re-organise in time.

But there you go… I thought it was only fair to give you an update about the situation, and I will promise to keep you updated as much as I can. I will be tweeting as and when there is more info.

I hope the family of DB will be back together soon,

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  1. This wont fix the problem but perhaps it’ll prompt you to be more virus aware specially on your important equipment.

    the point to antivirus software is to prevent viruses from invading your system, or worst case scenario, to stop a virus from propagating on your system for those viruses that it did not know about and managed to get themselves on your system.

    unfortunately, antiviruses aren’t fool proof and new viruses and virus  vehicles to infect your machine are created all the time. So the second part of the antivirus equation is a virus aware user. So you don’t get tricked into triggering a phishing attempt that leads to a virus, to keep your O.S. up to date, to keep your drivers up to date, to not run ANY executable software that comes from unknown emails, to not use a key server as a desktop to lower the risk of it getting infected or at least to work in a limited user account on that server.

    If and when you find yourself infected. Viruses will try to duplicate themselves or insert themselves into system files so when you run a antivirus, you may inadvertently delete key system files when guaranteeing a virus. This is probably what happened on you machine, in an effort to remove the virus, you removed system files. unfortunately, when your infiltrated by these viruses you’re pretty hosed. There really isn’t’ an easy way to recover but to wipe and reinstall your system O.S.

    It’s unfortunate you were infected but I’m sure you’ll be back up in no time once you’ve wiped and reinstalled your O.S.

  2. I did a little research on rules to follow to avoid computer virus infections and these make sense to me. I innately following them.

    1. Use an anti virus program at all times.
    2. Install and keep active a firewall.
    3. Make sure your system is up-to-date with all the existent updates.
    4. Keep your browsers security settings at maximum.
    5. Never click yes when your browser asks you if you want to install or open some content coming from an organization you don’t know or don’t trust.
    6. Install an anti-spy ware program to enlarge the protection.
    7. Never install a browser help or search bar accepting the times it comes from a reliable source.
    8. Use a different credit card for online shopping.
    9. Don’t click on email attachments that are executable files even if they look as if sent from known persons.
    10. If you can get away with it, work in a limited user account. If your on windows 7/vista you maybe able to get away with just setting your UAC to max.
    (only problem with this is, you may me tempted to always click on OK when the dialog window pops up)

  3. awe, dude, you haven’t updated your youtube channel in like 4 months. I was just gonna feature ya on my new snazzy youtube page and noticed that… lol… 
    I know you don’t make videos anymore but you can add your audio track to a slideshow or just a logo of dirtyboxers. guess it’s not worth it if you didn’t have a following on youtube. 

    awe well…just a suggestion. l8r

      • no… I can’t think of anyway to improve the process except by throwing more horse power into it and larger upload bandwidth.

        Besides the editing the rest is really automatic..ie. leave running and walk away.

        I’ve been uploading videos to youtube and it did surprise my how slow the upload was but my upload speed is like 15 times less than my download speed so… guess I gotta accept that. 

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