Ooh the fun of Manflu, what the hell @geekyrants is, and other stories…

Well it’s that time of year again when nature kindly reminds me that I do actually own a penis, and that I am IN FACT a man, by inflicting me with the dreaded Manflu. You female-types don’t know what you are missing, and in fact you shouldn’t, especially as it has been scientifically proven by some clever boffins from Cambridge University to be fatal for you. Just be glad you got child bearing – that’s all I can say on the matter.

Anyways, that being said, life has actually been rather dull. Turning my cesspit of a bedroom in to some kind of hospital bed was rather nice. The flurry of messages – both via Twitter and SMS – all joking that I might have instead Swine Flu, managed to punctuate the inevitable boredom that ensues when one is quarantined.

I was thinking about possibly using one of the laptops that makes up my glorified attic studio to try and give me a window in to the outside world, and even managed to drag my sorry ass from the pit of doom to try and dismantle – but it took one look to realise how many wires I’d have to pull apart and struggle with to get one of them freed from their important tasks… so thought better of it.

However good news, I am starting to finally feel better. Some of the symptoms have started to move and pack-up shop, however my throat / voice are still resembling a prostitutes vagina – dry and ripped to shreds. But, as soon as I can speak again without sounding like a mono-toned clapped out golden retriever [waiting for the injection from the Vet] on heat, then I’ll be back doing the show. I may not be back on a daily basis until I am completely ‘cured’, but I’ll do my best. It sounds really like arse-licking, but I have really missed you guys.

Meanwhile, in the world of Colin the Voice of the Future [yeah, that douche-monkey], he has decided to setup his own little twitter account called ‘Geeky Rants’ [can be found surprisingly at: www.twitter.com/geekyrants]. He tried to explain it to me, but to be honest, I lost interest as soon as he took in a deep breathe to say his first sentence. I personally reckon it’s because he has got bored from being on strike, but who knows. I’m still shocked and slightly confused about and how and when he learned to read, let alone write things – but thankfully, he is limited to only 140 characters, so perhaps that helps his foolish mind to focus somewhat. But please subscribe to the poor bugger if you dare, and please spread the word!

I have to admit, I am rather enjoying my little blogging career going on here [yes, it’s a career after two posts], and hope to continue this on after I am back on the show. But it has to be said, I dread to think what I am going to write about especially as I say what I want to say during the show. Obviously, blogging is a completely different medium, and perhaps a different ‘version’ of me escapes in to pixel-land, but as always suggestions and ideas about what crap you’d like me to type about would be great.

And before I go, one last plug: Power of the Pixel will be launching on Monday 10th January 2011, and can be found with a new website launched over the weekend over on: www.powerofthepixel.com. The first week’s interview is with our very good friend Bren Jones from the This Reality Podcast. It’ll be a weekly show, launched every Monday, so I hope you’re looking forward to that.

Anyways, please keep smiling, and hope to be chatting to you soon.

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